Lian-Li PC-Q08

I have a Lian-Li PC-Q08 case, and I am wondering what it can handle for CPU Fan/Heatsinks? I'm looking at a Cooler Master Hyper 212, so I can point the fan to pull the air from the heatsink and push it to the top exhaust fan.
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  1. that may be tough, according to Lian-Li; CPU cooler clearance 100mm
  2. How about the Cooler Master Hyper N 520?
  3. The case is designed for a mini-itx system so it is a small case. According to several technical reviiews there are severe height and space restrictions for cpu heatsinks. You will not be able to install one of the tall tower style cpu heatsinks that are popular with gamers and enthusiasts. In the technical reviews the stock cpu heatsinks had to be used.

    You'll also have to be careful with power supply selection. Long power supplies will not fit unless you remove a drive cage.
  4. I have an OCZ 550W Modular PSU, XFX Radeon HD 5770, and 2 HDDs in there. Nevermind, I just realized I was looking at fan dimensions. :(

    Edit: I'm looking for one that has a vertical fan that I can turn towards the top exhaust fan.

    How about a Cooler Master RR-H101?
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