Dawn of war 2 crash graphics win 7 64bit

Hello all,

Ive got this problem with my machine and dawn of war 2 chaos rising. When i play the game, it will run but after a few minutes it will freeze, the graphics go black and garbled, if i ctrl+alt+del i can see that the display driver has stopped responding and has been recovered. I then am back in windows but i have this pixellated static on my screen (which doesnt show up if i print screen)
Other times it will crash, the screen will go black and the sound will loop and the pc will lock up, requiring a reboot.

Heres what ive done:

Reinstalled the game twice over
reinstalled all the latest drivers for my system
rolled back to previous drivers
disabled AA in game.

The game used to run fine on my old nvidia drivers but now its not having any of it!

My system specs are:
Q6600 quad core
Asus P5nT 780i SLI
4gb Ram
Nvidia Geforce 285GTX
XFI fatality champ ed
Windows 7 pro 64 bit

(none of which is overclocked)

Now i know its not any of my hardware as every other game i own runs fine. Its just dawn of war.
Theres not a heat issue as ive used riviatuner to record and monitor heat,

Can anyone help?
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  1. What about your PSU? model? brand?
    If the other games are fine then it might be a bad game or some files are corrupted.
    Isn't there any patch for that game?
  2. PSU is fine, it was just the game causing the issues.

    however the problem is sorted now, i replaced my motherboard, no issues now.
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