Replace hard drive acer aspire x3200

cant find a way to get the old hard drive out, can anyone help?
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  1. There should be a pannel under the laptop indicating the HDD. If you remove the pannel you will see the HDD, remove any screws that hold it in place and it should just come right out. If you are having any trouble finding the disk check for a user manual, you should get all the info you need there!
  2. Ok, been a while since this question was posted, but i just had one of these 'donated' to me for spares.

    Unlike the previous answer, the X3200 obviously isn't a laptop.

    Take of the side panel and also pull the font panel off (takes a bit of force), you will need to take disconnect the optical drive and hard drive from the psu and sata connections on the motherboard.

    Looking at the front of the pc where the front panel was, there is 2 screws above and below the optical drive slot, unscrew them both.

    2nd last step, the optical drive and hard drive cage are connected by one last screw attached to the psu cage, unscrew that screw.

    Last step should be pulling the entire Optical and hard drive out of the case, it should pretty easily slide out, if you have the entire pc flat on the ground with the motherboard orientated horizontally on the ground the drive cage should life straight out.
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