Hard drives clicking with disk read error. Motherboard related?

I've been using my pc for months now without any problems until yesterday when my hard drive started clicking andsometimes I get a disk read error. I tried out a different hard drive and got the same problem.
The weird part is that if i'm to press a key on the post screen the clicking wont happen and the system boots fine. Resetting the cmos and bios has done nothing.

I am totally lost here because I cant find anyone else with this problem. I have fully formatted both drives and nothing. my PSU is a few months old. and is more than enough to power my system.

Should I return my board or is there a fix for this?


gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3
msi gtx 560ti oc twin frozr II
amd phenom II 960t
corsair tx 750w
500gb WD Caviar Blue
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  1. Try a different SATA port to boot from, to see if it's it's a problem with the port. Is your BIOS up to date?
  2. If it clicks than most likely it's dying 'everytime mine have clicked they have died'. Have you tried other HDD's to see if it does the same?
  3. The clicks along with the disk read error is a disk problem(it's dying), not a motherboard error. You need to back up your data.
  4. I just replaced my board to see if anything changes using the same hard drive and components and no ticking or errors! Really cant understand why this happened but the board is boxed ready to go back. I would've assumed it was my hard drive if it was the only one doing it but any hard drive I try ticks too.

    I can't see why my motherboard would do this. any ideas would be appreciated. Dont want it happening again.
  5. It's called the "Click of death" for a reason. It's not you mobo, it's your drive
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