Share hard drive with LG Blu Ray Player and Network?

I have a 1.5 tb hard drive i bought for my LG Blu Ray player (with network access) and set it up to Automatically save recorded programs to the hard drive. Thing is, i also backed up all our movies and other documents on it aswell. just recently, my computer, which has had all the movies on it and then shared over the network, has become full up and i had to delete the 120 or so gb of movies off it. I was wondering is it possible to share the movies from the 1.5 tb hard drive while still connected to the LG Blu Ray Player? Becuase I would prefer not to have to buy another hard drive.

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  1. I think so. I have one of those myself and I'm pretty sure that any drive connected to the BR should be shared by default. The downside is that if you do share the drive directly off the BR the transfer speeds will be slow!!!
    Why not connect it and share it from the PC directly?
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