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Currently i have a 21.5 inch Samsung monitor running 1680 x 1050 at 60Hz on a Quad Core q9550 with 4 gig of ram. The video card i am running is a 9800 GTX + amp and i am working off windows XP pro. I am wishing to upgrade my monitor to something bigger as i am a firm believer in the more workspace you have the more you can get done.

I have been looking at 23 inch monitors and 24 inch monitors although i think i might want more real estate then a mear 2 or 3 inches, the 27 inch monitors in which are 1080p retail for about 550 dollars Australian which is getting rather high in price. I have been considering getting a 32 1080p tv and using this as my monitor although this might be excessive, though i do get a tv and a moniter in one for around AU $1000.

My problem with using a TV as a monitor especial in the 32inch range is i sit very close to my desk no closer then 2 or 3 feet away from the monitor. At this range the monitor might be to big and appear very pixelated, as 32 inch monitors not TV have a much higer resolution then TV counterpart.

Does any one have any experience with using large TV's as moniters or does any one have any suggestion to solve my problem. ?
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  1. I use my 52" to view web pages,streaming video,BluRay movies and general surfing. Some text is difficult to read from 5-10 feet away. Use this addess to determine max screen size.

    Also consider that the flat screens are thin and can be pushed to the back of the desk or wall mounted.

    A problem being too close is that your eyes have to dart back and forth across the screen to see all the action. If your working with 3 open drawings it's not a problem.
    Also consider upgrading to two graphics cards and two small monitors.
  2. I'd probably go with a big monitor. More area doesn't really mean more workspace if it's at the same resolution... things will just appear larger. Anyway, an HDTV works fine although I tried plugging my PC into my 40" Samsung tv and sitting at the couch text was hard to read and I think in general the colour and contrast isn't as good on a TV.
  3. Thanks fells,

    mhelm1 much point in having 2 video cards for 2 monitors ?, most video cards either have 2 DVI, DVI and HDMI, or D-SUB or other combinations allowing for multiple monitors ? or the Ifinity system by ATI and AMD.

    Wolfram23 you are correct about the resolution and workspace, so what ever i get i really have to make sure it supports a higher resolution.

    I would love one of the 32 inc dell monitors which has a resolution of like 2500 x 2000 although they cost a mint.
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