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I am trying to put together a new gaming pc on a budget. I was initially going to take my intel q6600 quad 2.4gz cpu that's in my current pre built and put it on a new mobo so I could oc it. But I figure if I am going to the trouble of building a new pc, I might as well upgrade the cpu as well. Here is where I need help. When looking at the i series of intel cpus, which cpu would be a significant upgrade over my current q6600?. The i-7s are a bit out of my price range so I was hoping I could get away with an i-5. Should I get a quad core? of is a dual sufficient for gaming? I would appreciate some advice. Thanks.
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  1. The Core i5-750 or i5-760 is a fantastic CPU for gaming.,2698-6.html

    A fast dual core would certainly work for gaming purposes, but there is noticeable difference in stepping up to an Intel quad core. If you can afford it, go with the i5-750 or 760.

    That said, be aware that the 1156 socket is dead and due to be soon replaced the with 1155 socket. Depending on your time frame, it *may* be worth it to wait. However, whatever you buy now will certainly last a while, and you may just want to upgrade both CPU and mobo like you are considering now. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the info, it helps a lot. I am sorry to have to ask such a noob question but how does a i-5 quad core differ in performance when compared to my current q6600 quad core? thanks
  3. Definitely go with the i5-750 Lynnfield bro, thats what I got :)
  4. For the cost of a $75 mobo (shame you can't OC your current mobo), you can get a 25% increase in cpu performance (3.0GHz). Of course you need to add a cooler (assuming the current one is stock), and you need to see whether your case can deal with a hotter idle and still hotter load temp.

    The i5 750 will run at 3.0GHz easily on a stock cooler, though you'd probably want to add a cooler too. And it will Turbo from there. So it will still outperform yours in gaming, but it will cost $425+/-

    Since you are on a budget, it seems that difference would put a serious crimp in your vid card purchase. Assuming you would want a 460, but now can't afford it, the answer is buy the mobo and the 460.

    Notice all the "assumes"? Please tell us what screen resolution you will be using, and what your budget is. The answer depends on those two numbers.
  5. I have already bought a new video card, a gts 450. I know I probably should have got the 460, but I game at 1680x1050 so from the research I have done, it should be ok. I just sold one of my old computers so that gives me a few hundred dollars to play with, enough to pick up an i5 and a new mobo. So I will really only be out of pocket for a new psu, case etc.
  6. At 1680, I'd personally stay with the Q6600 + OC a bit longer. There's no doubt the i5 750 is a better performer - but whether its worth $425 + cooler for the i5/mobo instead of $75 + cooler for the mobo alone is up to you:,2698-7.html
  7. twoboxer, thanks for the link to the cpu chart, very informative. I think your right, i might be better off just upgrading the mobo and keep the q6600 for now. Judging from the chart, it still seems to be a decent cpu. I appreciate all the help, thanks.
  8. NP. The guys who do the real work here try very hard to provide good advice. No one is always right. But those tables aren't put together to shill for new hardware purchases, nor to stop you from buying new hardware.

    You might be dissatisfied with either choice, frankly, but in this case you are only out for one new mobo + cooler.

    And if you choose carefully, the cooler may be re-usable.
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