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I just recently purchased the corsair 650 watt power supply for 51$ after MIR. I was goin to build a new i5-760 / 2x2gb ram / pc but then saw the new sandy bridge will be coming out shortly.

Question 1:
I was wondering if I should return the 650 and get something larger due to the new i5 sandy CPU. I will most likely be using a single evga 460gtx 1gb card.

Question 2:
Is there anyway I could sli with the 650watt psu, I am aware it only has 2 6+2 connections and higher end gfx take 2alone. (extra connections, etc.)
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    1) The Corsair 650TX is more than powerful enough for the new Sandy Bridge chipset and a GTX 460.

    2) As for SLI, the 650 is powerful enough for two GTX 460's but you'll need two Molex to 6+2pin PCIe adapters for the connection. With that said, you would be safer running a 750W power supply... IMO.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply, I'm just stuck deciding now if I should or might sli in the future. I don't play too many computer games. I guess it's personal preference. The 750 will be 81$ after MIR so you think it would pay off in the long run to pay the extra 30$ and get the 750 just in case I sli?

    As of now I only play wow (embarrassing I know) and waiting on some good fps. Eventually star wars old republic.
  3. what techmo stated, you can easily run the GTX 460 in SLI witht hat PSU

    also most GTX 460 come with 1-2 adapters

    Corsair 650w for $51 is a steal
  4. One more thing, would it be wise to send the tx650w back and hope for a better deal (either the same size or larger)since I won't be building until the new sandy bridge comes out? I'm hoping to not spend over 250$ for a new CPU. I can't find a straight forward answer to how much the i5 sbridge CPU will cost.
  5. why would you need a more powerful PSU?

    you won't get a better PSU for $50.
  6. You're correct, now I jut have to test it on my old computer and make sure it's not doa before the 30 days newegg exchange policy is up :)
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