New build won't boot

Asus Rampage III
i7 980x
2 ATI 5970's
Corsair HX100 PSU
Water Cooled

I just finished my build and ran all my fans and water pumps with everything working well after shorting the green and black wires from the 24 pin main connector. When I plug in the 24 pin main connector to the motherboard I get no fans, no pumps, no boot up at all. There is some lights on the MB working and one of those is the start and reset buttons. When I unplug the 24 pin main connector and short the green and black wires again the fan controller, fans and pumps come on.

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  1. 1) Do you have the 8-pin connector plugged in by the CPU?
    2) Do you have the case connectors plugged in correctly?
    3) Do you hear any beeps from the internal PC speaker to point to an issue?
    4) Here is a thread with more troubleshooting tips. Please review and complete/check off on the list...
  2. There is a 4-pin power connector that plugs in to the board by the first pci-e slot that shorted out. It fried my psu. I got a new one and was able to get all the fans and pumps to work but like I said, not when the 24 pin is plugged into the MB. Did I fry the board in addition to the psu?
  3. The short happened from mixing up the pins when I sleeved it.
  4. After you have completed the check list in the thread I provided and still have the issue, I would say you have a very good chance that you killed the motherboard to :( . If the short was strong enough to kill the PSU, it is likely it could've killed the motherboard, as well.
  5. I went through the check list and all was done. With the motherboard taken out of the case and one gpu, one stick of ram, 24-pin and both 8-pin connectors, cpu, and one fan for the cpu plugged in nothing happens when I push the start button on the motherboard. Asus says that if the fan doesn't come on and the psu test ok it's the board. Is it likely that the short killed my cpu and gpu's also?
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