DELL Optiplex SFF GX270 Problems

Hi (don't know if I am in the right post in Forums.. Sry if I am not :sweat: )

I have a old DELL Optiplex SFF GX270, who for nasty taste resolved not to power on.
What happened was:
Everything was working ok, I formatted the drive and installed a fresh copy of the original Windows XP I applied a few drives and restarted it, all ok installed the goggle chrome and other things.
I decided then to upgrade the CD drive for a DVD-RW one, so I switched the computer off, I disconnected it from the main power and pressed the power button again to discharge the rest of the power inside the system. I opened the case and swapped the drives, I closed again the box, and connected the power supply and pressed the button to power on the system, but for my surprise, the light comes amber instead of green, and computer do not power on, all lights back (test) are off, I switched to the original CD drive but all remains the same. I tried other power supply, with no changes.
The light is fixed on (not flashing) , I only can hear fans working but slow. I remember the fan when it was working to be working a bit more faster than usual.
Any help there. Oh the caps on the motherboard are not leaking or swallowed, they all are flat and look really ok.

Thanks in advance for any help or opinion.

:??: :(
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