AMD hardware RAID & Windows 7 x64

Hey guys,
I have an Asus M5a97-evo motherboard and an AMD FX-6100 Processor. All has been running well and good until I attempted to raid 2 seagate 1tb drives in raid 0 by setting the sata mode from ACHI to RAID. I have now raided and verified the drive configuration however when I tried booting Windows (from my SSD boot disc NOT the raid config) it crashed! (this happens every time)
I tried booting from the Windows 7 ultimate x64 DVD, but when I click 'install' I get a window telling me to select drivers to install. I have put the drivers from Asus' website on a USB and tried to load them, but I still get a message saying "No device Drivers found - Make sure the installation media contains the correct drivers" I can click browse and navigate to where I know the drivers are, but the installation sees an empty folder and shows the same message. Please help, this is a fundamental problem that hours of my time have been wasted on :(
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  1. Don't worry, Windows 7 software raid works fine for my needs, but not being able to hardware raid is a pretty big overlooking on AMD's behalf...
    That said I can't prove it's AMD's fault :(
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