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I am unable to start my computer while starting it up it says disk error, press any key to restart. Please help me I want to access the files as soon as possible
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    This can happen if the hard drive where the system and all your data live is beginning to fail so it doesn't mean you've lost anything yet,. DO you have a Windows CD or DVD that came with the computer or a recovery set you made since?

    Post back with some details of the operating system - XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc and whether you have any disks and someone will advise on what to do next.

  2. Yes, I do have a Disk of Windows XP. The OS which is running in that old desktop pc & in laptop I am running Windows 7.
    On starting my old pc it states Disk error, press any key to restart. And after pressing any of the keys it says Boot Failure insert the system disk & press enter. Since I had the win xp cd i had put it in the pc & after some time Windows Xp Setup some wizard came indicating whether to repair windows or install windows. I tried both options but it failed. When I select repair the death screen of computer comes & in case of install windows it is unable to install the same.
    Please help me what should I do.

  3. Try the CD again and go past the Repair or Install stage, accept the EULA terms by pressing Function 8 and you then get through to the second Repair. stage. \See if that runs. Your data and installed programmes will survive but things might need reorganising a little.

  4. A- This message associated mainly with the hard disk , either the disk has a mulfaunction and needs maintenance Via software maintenance Or hardware and pray not to the last in the first case just try fromat the whole disk and repartioning it by partion magic boot cd.
    B- In case you die for the data on that disk all you need is a (7-zip filemanager) like software - its found @ any bootable maintenance cd - then had a another media to retrieve date to
    Other common software for such plan-B
    1- ERD Commander 2003 Explorer
    2- Explorer2fs (Not recommended-little complicated)
    3- Opera web browser in case you lost data on server so you can downlad it to another (media i.e another hard)

    Note - to make sure it's not a hardware mulfuntion put your hard disk on another board and seek bios setting, watch if the board identify the HDD

    Most of brevious softwares mentioned above and more located on Cd labled Hiren's BootCD verion 10.2
    (in case you don't get any of what i've said, you should go to a maintenance centre) tell your story...

    :hello: Finally, i hope i have helped :hello:
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