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i have a XFX radeon hd 4870 XXX vga. my system freezes everyday while playing a game or just surfing the web. I have had this system for a year now and up till a few months ago is when this problem started. We checked the card out and found that it had been running at 67 degrees C for about 7 months. We quickly got it down to 45. Could this have damaged the card. I have recently updated the drivers for the card and still freezes. i have been told that its my power supply. I have a Antec EW650 with a 80% continuos silver rating. What is the real solution to this problem? Is it the ATI manufacturer? No one knows the real answer. The fix seems to be different with every different person. My system set-up
AMD Phenom II 4X 955
Antec EW 650W
Samsung 1T harddrive
Antec tower w/5 fans
Radeon hd 4870XXX
8 MB of memory.

Help me out, im tired of switching the comp. off and restarting.
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  1. It could be your ram as well but to find out if it is the card try it in another system. If it is the card maybe you can get it replaced under warranty through XFX.
  2. me and the guy that helped me biuld the system swaped cards. He has radeon HD 4890. After two games running his eventually froze as well. So now we have ruled out the video crads. The only thing left is power supply. My memory cards had a test ran on those, they passed along with the hard drive. Also we took a look to see if there were any viruses running in the background while in idle. None were found. So..............
  3. what power supply do you have?
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