480 GTX vs 2x 5830

I was looking at the system builder article, and it talked about considering the 480 GTX instead of 2 5830's, but went with the 5830's for price and availability.

I happen to know where I can get a 480 for $470, and was wondering if that would have better performance.
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    I would get a 480 over dual 5830's any day. The 5830's will be a pain to upgrade later on down the road. With the 480 you will be able to SLI in the future if needed unless your board is CF only.

    What are your PC spec's? Whats your screen resolution?
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  3. None right now; I'm building it in a few weeks, and will be buying the card most likely tomorrow or Friday. Screen is 1920x1080, and I'll probably spend somewhere between $100 and $150 on a processor, and 4 GB of RAM. Tom's says to forget spending extra on processor until you hit $200, so I might follow that and just get the X3.
  4. Right now there are only a handfull of AMD boards that can do SLI, so choose your setup carefully. If SLI is not an option then you have nothing to worry about.
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