SATA 1 drive partitioning on SATA 3 controller

I moved a SATA 1 drive from a SATA 1 controller on one computer to a SATA 3 controller on another computer. The source and destination OSes are both Win 7 32-bit. The drive was originally partitioned with 2 partitions on the original computer with data on both partitions. The drive is recognized on the new computer (SATA 3 controller) in the BIOS and OS, BUT there is only ONE partition (almost full disk size) with data on it from only one of the original partitions. Do I need to connect it to an available SATA 2 port on the new computer or re-attach to the old computer and hope the data is all still there?
THanks in advance!
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  1. You do realize that when you move from one motherboard to another you may have to reinstall the OS's and reconfigure any disk partitioning? The Motherboards have different onboard requirements and Windows will want you to most likely relicense it.

    The SATA specifications are backwards compatible.
  2. If that drive is storage only (no OS), then it shouldn't act that way. It should be the same on bosth systems. In fact, if it had a boot partion and OS on it, it should still show two partitions, although it may not boot when moved to a new system.

    If you view the drive in disk management, can you see the second partition? If so, assigning it a drive letter should make it appear correctly in windows.
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