5970 4 gig model

hi guys,
have some extra cash lying around. Is it worth upgrading from a 2 gig version of the 5970 to the 4 gig version?

im running eyefinity with 3 27" lcd's and have a max res of 5700x something..not sure what that is..

Ive been reading that the additional memory allows for max res at max details..all details maxed out AND faster graphics processing..

any ideas?

my current systme is a980x,
dual 5970
asus pt6 deluxe v2
12 gig ddr1600 ram..primarily used for gaming..
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-5870-eyefinity6,2595-11.html
    A 5970 2GB is just 2 underclocked 5870 1GB cards in a single package, the 5970 4GB is two underclocked 5870 2GB cards in a single package, that page has benchmarks for both versions of the 5870 in crossfire.

    What i see there is that it already has enough memory unless you want to crank up the AA, only with a fair amount of AA on will the 4GB 5970 be justified, so if you like having 4x or 8x AA on on most games the extra memory will help you quite a bit.
  2. thats what im looking for..
    to crank up the aa..to enjoy games in all their glory on my lcd's..
    using one lcd, what I have handles all the details just fine.. I gues its because its only a single lcd..

    I guess this makes the 5970 still the fastest graphics card on the market..even faster than the anything from nvidia..now with the added ram..even faster?
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