In connecting your wireless router what is media port ?

yes, thank you,I am here trying to conect wireless router and I have to full in Ip address pass word and media port and I dont know what is the media port. Johan
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  1. what are you trying to do exactly
  2. window vista 5431 & optical drive
  3. can u mind pliz to let me understand what do u mean by media port?
    the alternately i have (sabmiller)ssbl resident & university of juba
  4. Well to begin with, have you read the router's instruction manual?

    Is it possible that the media port is a way to connect a USB drive?

    Or it may be a way to share your media over your network?
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    I think media port... is the Win7 protocol for transmit "windows media player content (streaming)". Enable it if you use your home pc as media center for play thing like WD HD Live.
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