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I7 930 heat issue


I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how i can lower my i7-930 temperatures. I am currently at 3.6ghz with a vcore of 1.18 and i am getting core temperatures of around 70-71c with prime95 with a cooler master 212+ with an outside ambient temperature of around 29-30c. The reason i am concerned is because with such low vcore i would think my temperatures would be in the lower to mid 60s.

Thanks, any suggestions would help :)

Mobo- p6x58d-e
Cpu: i7-930 OC'd 3.6
Fan: coolermaster 212
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  1. HAF 932, 3 x 230mm and 1x 140mm fan.
    Video card: gtx 470

    Don't think its the case cooling because my mobo and graphics card are very cool. Mobo temps stay in 20s- very low 30s
  2. i have a second fan on the cm 212+
  3. Re-apply paste and re-seat the heatsink.
    Here is a good compasison on the different methods on how to apply thermal paste to a direct heatpipe cooler.
  4. the methods are interesting, so i only put the paste on the heatpipe cooler and then put it onto the cpu or do i apply to both and put them together?
  5. Just the cooler.
  6. maybe i did noob up the application lol, ill try it and see how it works.
  7. reapplied paste and reseated heatsink and my temps slightly lower, hovering around 67-69 but the ambient temp has went down a few degrees too. But it did seem to shave a few degrees off. Maybe i just got a hot chip? i don't know what else it could be.
  8. What thermal paste are you using.
  9. How much is your ambient? You MUST and MUST and MUST mention the ambient temp when you are talking about air cooling (or sometimes, watercooling). In summer, my Linpack load is 71C but in winter it drops to 59C.
  10. He did 29-30c
  11. d1rtyju1c3 said:
    What thermal paste are you using.

    Im using Arctic silver 5
  12. Does not seem like an out of the ordinary temperature for a fully loaded overclocked Core i7 930.

    At 4.4GHz, I often attain higher than 80C when fully loaded and watercooled. They do run hot :)

    My Phenom II X6 1090T @ 4GHz hits around 61C when fully loaded under multithreaded Prime (With a Coolermaster V8).
  13. Quote:
    ^You get 80c even with a watercooled cpu.

    Yep... at 4.6GHz I can only really run it reliably when it gets cooler outside.

    These things run hot :)

    Of course I'm talking about an Intel Core i7 980x but it has been my experience that a Core i7 920 D0 is similar.
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    Its not bad temps considering the ambient is about 30c. If you can drop your ambient to about 20- 25c the temps would decrease quit a bit.
  15. ya, right now my temps are reading about 68-70 with 30mins on prime95 and its 82F + in this room atm. If those temps are typical though than i am happy, as i do not plan to overclock past 3.6 anyways. Thanks everyone for their input
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  17. Thanks. Enjoy the rig.
    Considering that your ambient is 30c your load temps are great! [:bohleyk:1]
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