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Ok all of my intakes of dust filers on them, EXCEPT my PSU (my PSU has in intake fan) which is really irritating because the PSU blows right into my video card and into my radiator. Was wondering if anyone had any links to PSU dust covers? I can't find any...
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  1. What PSU do you have, i dont know of any units that draw air in from the outside, they usually draw air in from the case and exhaust it out the back of the case. If you really need a dust filter for it you can make one yourself out of lady's nylon stockings, they work as decent dust filters for custom openings.
  2. xigmatek NRP-MC651

    ok I really can't tell....... its low rpm, pushes little air, and air is coming out of both sides cause that just what happens with fans. I can't tell which way the air is really going.

    The dust is coming from somewhere...... all intakes (if the PSU is exhaust) are covered.
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