Advice on choosing hdd and or ssd

I am building a new budget system from scratch for the 1st time. i have all components apart from storage.
i currently have a st3160812as 160gb in the current system. i was up to about 30gb free untill i saved most files to dvd and am now at about 55gb free.
with about £50-£60 budget, am i better to opt for an ssd 120-128gb and keep the 160gb or get an hdd 500-1000gb? and which ones? I would like to purchase from ebuyer or novatech. maybe ebay. depending on seller
both is not an option at the moment, but adding either at a later date is.
my eye is drawn to either 500gb wd caviar black or 1000gb barracuda.
all advice is appreciated

my build, if it helps, is
amd ii 260
gigabyte GA-970A-DS3
2x2gb cl7 1600mhz ripsaw ddr3
hd 4850
novatech vulcan ii case
antec earthwatts 500 psu
philips dvd+ rw dvd8881 (in current system but will take advice on changing or not?)
currently have vista home premium 32bit

using mostly ms office 2010, web surfing/emailing and games (pretty much solely rpgs)
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  1. get an SSD and keep the HDD for data


    you should also get into Windows 7 ASAP
  2. if i get an ssd, what should i put on it? windows, office, antivirus? what's better to put on ssd and what's better to put on the hdd?
  3. you can definitely fit the OS, Office and antivirus with plenty of room left
  4. ok thaks.

    is there much difference between brands? i assume it has to be sata 3 6gbs since my mobo uses it?
  5. there's plenty of Articles that you can read here on Tom's that provide a lot of detail for individual drives and their capabilities
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