My Phenom 9850 BE say's 2 CPUS in DXdiag

Okay, so i just got this Phenom 9850 BE from Newegg.. just thursday.. and once i put it in, i noitce it was faster.. and i went into Dxdiag and i saw it saying, "AMD Phenom(tm) 9850 Quad-Core Processor (2 CPUs), ~2.5ghz".

I dont know what to do, as far as fix this problem?? i got a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM S2H and its running Award Bios V6.00PG F5 Version.. do i need to update the bios??? im Running windows 7 64 bit heres my specs

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM S2H
AM2+ Phenom 9850 BE Quad-core
4GB of DDR2 800Mhz Kingston Hyper X 2
300GB of Seagate 7200RPM
HIS 5830 Turbo V cooler
Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit

If anyone knows a way to help me out.. that be great!!!
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  1. How about Task manager? Does it show 4 graphs?
  2. no it doesnt.. only shows 2 Graphs :pfff:
  3. What OS are you using?

    Try running "Msconfig", go under the "Boot" tab, click the "Advaced options" button and uncheck "Number of processors", reboot and see if it shows all 4 cores.
  4. Alright you fixed it, Haha thank you :) ill remember this.. I had it set to 2 cpus during the windows so.. i forgot that thank you
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