Detection Problem of WD5000AACS

i have large quantity of hard drives of same model. but they are all not showing in the motherboard bios setup. all drived spin and mount perfectly but in motherboard bios setup they show nothing, blank in the sata 0. and all other sara ports show none. but on this hard disk port it show blank. that mean some thing is connecting with this port. but system are unable to identify. please help if some one can?
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  1. how old are the drives in relationship to the motherboard you are trying to connect them to?

    if the motherboard is 5 years old and the drives are new, you might have to upgrade the BIOS, if possible

    we need more information to say exactly
  2. My Hard driver are made on 2010 as write on hard disk and my mother is also on same year. i think there is some firmware problem with all the drives. because every drive behave same, i have checked all the components on PCB of hdd, they are all working fine and provide exact voltage to all points. please help me to fix the problem
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