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I use my quad core q8400 with a stock intel hsf. My idle temps are 58,51,60,58 load is at 14% in real temp.

on load the temps are 64,60,61,63 load at 35% (just cause) Are these temps normal?

How about these temps in speccy?

Mobo -46 ; cpu avg on load 63-66 ; graphics 58-60 ; hdd 40

also what is the maximum a graphics card and hdd can endure without reducing its life?
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  1. No reply? i just want to know the normal temps . in google there are only temps related to third party hsf like artic freezer ,v8 etc so i opened a thread. is there no one to help me?
  2. GPUs can go up to 90C fine, depending on the model really.

    The Q9400 is running pretty hot at idle though, but 60C load isn't too big of a problem. What case do you have?

    Dont worry about HDDS.
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