New controller or new drive?

So I have a Corsair Performance 3 SSD CSSD-P364GB2-BRKT and I'm wondering if I can get better performance out of it.

According to HD Tune the drive is giving me a max transfer rate of 283.5mb/s and min of 270.
I'm running the drive on a sata III port and according to specs on the drive it can run up to 365mb/s.

I know the drive uses a Marvell controller which I've heard people say are subpar.
My question... is there a way to use a different controller with this ssd to improve performance or should I get a newer ssd?

I've been looking at this drive

Would it be a significant (noticable) improvement over what I currently have?
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  1. You can not solder an other controller on a SSD and you will not notice any difference with another drive.
  2. ...are you having issues that it is not working fast enough for what you want to do or is it just not matching benchmarks. If you don't have use for the additional throughput, then there is no point buying a new one.
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