5870 low 3d vantage score

my Sapphire Ati 5870 only gets a score of 12000 and my cpu i7 920 gets 16000
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  1. What's your total score? Also, you might want to download GPU-Z and see what the bus interface shows. Often times people will have a poor seating, and have the card working at PCIe x4 instead of x16
  2. my total score is around 13k and its at PCIex16

  3. im going to run it again ill post it when its done
  4. Here it is
  5. Even at stock settings, you should be able to score P16,000 to P18,000 with your setup. At least that's what I scored when I had your setup.
  6. With 900 gpu clock, and 1150 memory, with my 920 at 3.7Gh, I scored:
    CPU score: 22968
    Graphics: 17906

    This is the closest comparison I have to your setup. I currently have two inside, and a physX card. My score is P30k now.
  7. Hmm problem solved I messed around with a few things, i got 18k GPU and 19K CPU, 1 thing I did was go with the cd drivers that came with my video card, not sure if that did it but ill update and see if anything happens.
    Thx for all the replies.
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