Motherboard Automatically Enable and Switch to Onboard?

After a recent video card upgrade to a 5750 my power supply showed that it was defective by making a slight weird electric buzzing sound. Yes, the power supply was sufficient at 450W and it was Corsair, just bad luck I guess.

Anyway I took the power supply out and sent it in, leaving me without a main computer. It looks like however that it will take longer then expected for RMA.

My question is if I take out the 5750, put in the old 300W that came with the computer, connect the cables to the onboard video and power the computer on will the motherboard automatically enable and recognize that I want to use onboard and switch? The onboard video is a Geforce 6150SE if that matters any, I also disabled it in the BIOS when I upgraded my card
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  1. My past experience tells me that yes, your motherboard should automatically enable the onboard video.
  2. If it does not auto-detect the onboard video card, you can try resetting your BIOS. This should re-enable the onboard video card.
  3. You have it sort of backwards. The BIOS default for a modern motherboard with integrated graphics is the integrated graphics with automatic recognition of a discrete graphics card.

    So - you build the computer and plug the monitor into the motherboard. You get video.

    Then you upgrade the graphics. There's no need to change anything here. The BIOS will automatically recognize the presence of the video card.

    Remove the video card and the board defaults back to the onboard graphics.

    Your problem is that you messed with the BIOS. Without the video card, you may not be able to get into the BIOS.

    So, try it and see. Connect the monitor to the motherboard. Boot. If you can POST, you do not need to do anything. Your system should boot.

    If you cannot POST, simply do what you need to reset the BIOS back to factory specs..
  4. ^+1 for jsc
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