Which case?

Well im trying to decide which case is better, im building a new computer.



Also if you would suggest any others in the same price range, it would help. Thanks!
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  1. Personally I really favor Antec built cases.

    In your price range w/o colored fans (because the colored LED's do get annoying ;) )

  2. will5125 said:

    Nothing it's the exact same product otherwise the Illusion is a Newegg exclusive product and includes extra Antec fans a terrific value at the current price.
  3. You can go for the antec or antec 300 illusion(If interested in some led fans).Or If you need features like good cable management ,Then go for the Coolermaster HAF912!
  4. I like the Haf912 myself just simply for the sideways HDD mounting. Theres no need to pull the front cover and the sidepanel to add or upgrade HDD's. Now my preference is to have usb and audio at the bottom of the case since mine are mounted desktop height,
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