How to make my computer heat resistant?

I've built my last 3 systems and each has lasted 2 years before something went. Last time it was the GFX, then MOBO, and now it looks like PSU (or something else). The problem is that during the summer it gets REALLY hot (like 40+ celsius on certain days). It gets dusty and I try to vacuum it ocassionally, but I can't always. I fear this is the main reason my systems keep dying.

I'm building a new system, and so I gotta ask: what can I do to minimize the damage to my system during these hot days?

Water-cooling is out of the question, and I don't know if putting more fans in is the answer. Is there a really good heatsink solution that draws heat away from the danger areas better? Any GFX cards better than others? My HD4870 would always either run too hot or sound like a rocket.

I'm building a sytem around 1000ish so please keep that in mind. I can't spend half that keeping it cool.

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  1. Submerge it in mineral oil.

    Add more fans

    Dont put it under or in a desk with poor circulation.
  2. having an a/c in the room with the computer def helps too
  3. Get an HAF 922 or 932 case. Those things pump air out of them.

    Also figure out what's busted and sell the rest on ebay.

    Use better thermal paste than the standard pad.

    A good PSU brand. Antec earthwatts, corsair, etc.
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