KN9 and AMD AM2+ 7850

Does anyone have any experience of Abit KN9 main board working with AMD 7850 (AD785ZWCJ2BGH). Officially is not supported, but I wonder if latest BIOS may make it work?
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  1. In all likelihood, it will work fine. AM2+ CPUs generally work fine in AM2 mobos. Just make sure you flash your BIOS to the most recent version BEFORE you install the new CPU.

    Good luck!
  2. updated bios to the newest - doesnt work...
  3. Is this a new CPU or a used CPU?
  4. brand new

    I also thought it could be lack of power, but when disconnected CD, flopp still wont up. Anyway I don't think it could be such a big difference between Ahtlon 3200+ and the new one in terms of power consumption...
  5. Not a power issue. Could just be that your mobo doesn't work with the 7850. I have 2 AM2+ procs in systems where they are not on the CPU compatibility list and have have no problems. With the older mobo, your only options are a newer mobo or return the CPU for one compatible with your rig.
  6. I have oher question.
    Highest supportd by m mobo model is 6400+. 6400+ black edition is not listed, but they listed 5000+ and 5000+ black edition as seperat models.

    This is confusing because it suggest that 6400+ black may be not supported, however there are no deifferences between 6400+ and 6400+ black in terms of technology apart from that it is unlocked and easy to tweak... Tell me if I am wrong?
  7. The 6400+ and the 6400+BE are the same CPU as far as your mobo is concerned. The difference in the BE being unlocked (for easier overclocking).
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