Z68 for sale now

:hello: 12 z68 motherboards for sale now at newegg:com :bounce:
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  1. The Z68s were posted on Newegg for only briefly; they have now been taken off the site. They had 15 of them mostly from Gigabyte and ASRock.
  2. Yes the Z68 officially launched today. There are some new features that this board offers but be warned if you are thinking of using the Intel® QuickSync and/or Lucid Virtu make sure that the board that you select has graphics ports and the software on it. Some of the boards that have been launched do not have on board graphics ports. While these boards without graphics ports will work just like the P67 chipset board with the additional feature of having SSD caching, they won’t have the ability to use Lucid Virtu or the on-processor graphics.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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