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Hello there :)

Would anyone have an idea where I could get some motherboard standoffs to fit inside a Thermaltake Xaser VI MX Case?
I'm asking because last time I brought a set of standoffs, they were for a different style of case. Which is really kind of annoying.

The only reason I need new ones is because I used my current ones on a custom project. Had to angle grind then glue them into the motherboard tray for them to fit :P

Any knowledge on where to get standoffs for a thermaltake case would be very thankful.

Cheers, Shappo.
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  1. Neweggs got a little kit of screws etc
    but I think your local pc shop should be able to sort you out, standoffs are a universal fitting, should be able to pick some up cheap off the net too
  2. ^ I dunno zip, he said 'he did that on a custom project' :P
    I want to see pics hehe
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