Can somebody tell me what is the difference between these?

They're the same price, same amount of memory? Only thing i see thats different is the way they look but then again im a pretty big newb at this. Is one better then the other? Which one should i get?
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  1. Get the ripjaws. Those two kits aren't anything alike. One set is budget ram without heat spreaders, the other set is performance ram. The budget ram runs at 1333Mhz where-as the ripjaws kit runs at 1600Mhz by default.

    Only thing you may want to look at is the heat-spreaders are kinda tall. This shouldn't be a problem uless you have a rather large aftermarket heatsink for your CPU.
  2. How is one budget ram when they're the same price though?? haha
  3. The Ripjaws is on sale.
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