Intel P55 VS x58 VS AMD

OK! now that Starcraft 2 is finally out, its time to actually build the system. And now that the GPU and CPU arena seems to have calmed down.

Share parts (i.e those that i will get regardless of the final camp parts)
Coolermaster Scout
Corsair TX 950W ( i cant be arsed to fart about with 12v rails)
DVDRW drive
Windows 7 professional 64bit
samsung F1
(possibly add a SSD at a later date, but cant justify the cost atm, would need at least 128gb with the number of games i keep stored on the PC at any one time)

The proposed systems are as such:
I7 930
6Gb OCZ Reaper DDR1333MHZ
UD3R or P6T-D
GTX 480

4Gb OCZ Reaper DDR1333MHZ
GTX 480

AMD Phenom II 965 BE
4Gb OCZ Reaper DDR133MHZ

I like the idea of using an all AMD/ATi rig, and think if i go intel, might as well go all out on cost for the nVidia cards. Also, the i7 930 with GTX480 is almost exactly the same price as the AMD with 2x5870

I'll mainly use the PC for internet, work, writing and of course gaming, mostly RTS, have a PS3 for the fallout 3 and new vegas and racing games. PC games like SC2 and god games. Will be on a 27" LG or a 24" Dell or equal monitor, running at 1920x1080.

So, whats everyones thoughts? I'm thinking the AMD is just as good in games, and the extra memory bandwidth probably wont help me much on the i7 side. Also, will the nvidia tesselation actually be used any time soon?

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  1. Core i5 750, 4 GB DDR3 RAM & GTX 470 SLI if possible, and an aftermarket cooler to alleviate the bottleneck.

    Otherwise the Phenom II combo looks good, you'll need to overclock the CPU a bit to get the best performance.
  2. will 950W be enough for 2 GTX4XX card? or 5870's for that matter.

    And wont the lack of 16x16x Sli on the P55 bottleneck the 470's?
  3. The 950W PSU will be more than enough for two GTX 480s or three HD 5870s. Two GTX 470s definitely, three GTX 470s maybe.

    The P55 lanes split to x8/x8 which will not bottleneck the GTX 470, maybe a very slight performance impact, i.e., < 2%.
  4. You don't need two HD 5870 to match a GTX 480, two HD 5850 are more than enough. For a single full HD monitor a single 5870 should do. Also don't buy OCZ RAM, there are better brands.
  5. for future proof the 1st is the amd the 2nd is the x58 the 3rd is the p55.

    also do u live in a cold enviroment or do u have a WC loop bec. without these two you might run in to trouble with 2 gtx 480's/470's.

    also try to avoid ocz's ddr3 line they have some problems with compatability especially in intel builds.
  6. the OCZ reaper has a CL6, nothing else comes that close.
    I think i'll build the i7 930 with a gtx480, just so its the best of all worlds (without spending a fortune on a CPU)
    Or do you think its worth getting the i7 960?

    If i added a second card (any of them) would the i7 930 or 870 or phenom 2 965 bottleneck them massively?
  7. i thought the x58 would be replaced soon with the new high end socket?
    And good point, i forgot bout the heat issues, I live in England, so house is well insulated, gets rather warm rather easily.
  8. these kits are much higher quality and alot of people managed to set them at 1866 cl6 @1.65v

    read this

    if u have the money get the x58 and oc that cpu to 4ghz

    the x4 might bottleneck a little but if u oc it. it will not bottleneck especially if u max out the game.
  9. p55 will be replaced in q1 2011
    x58 will be replaced end of 2011 or beginning of 2012
    amd will still live
  10. The Core i7 960 isn't worth it - just think about it, why pay $250 for a 400 MHz you can do yourself easily? ;)

    The Phenom II X4 965 will bottleneck HD 4890s in CFX, so definitely GTX 480s in SLI - remember though, bottlenecking is all relative, an i7 will do the job much better but it's not like it's unplayable.

    LGA 1366 may be replaced by LGA 2011, Sandy Bridge, if you can wait I suggest you do, it'll be around 4 - 6 months or so.
  11. i've waited long enough, makin do with a q6600 with a 8800gs atm.

    I think i've decided. Either, i7 930, 6gb patriot ram, 2 5870 PCS++ or a single 480 (though, if i bought a single card i'd like the option to add a second, and i dont want to WC so 2x480's is out the question)

    do u think its worth adding a SSD 120GB Corsair Reactor?
  12. I got my new rig up and running a couple weeks ago for SC2 and other games. I am looking at building another low power rig for regular surfing and video capturing, but might end up with another LGA1366 build at this rate.

    For my rig I went with the i7 930, and 2 EVGA GTX480 SC+ . After reading up on things, heat was a big concern, but with a good case, and as long as you aren't sitting near it, the 480's aren't too bad compared to equivilant power cards. I got the EVGA SC+ and my cards idle at 52C & 47C (27-28C ambient). I had to move my case (FT-02) out from under my desk because I didn't like having all the hot air hit me as i'm sitting and playing, and having the case on top of my desk dropped the temps a couple degrees, and the air isn't getting trapped under my desk, so I don't feel it at all. But long term, I might go over to watercooling them.

    I was playing a bit of SC2 and the cut scenes do run the cards fairly hard, but If you have a cool room, it shouldn't be that big of an issue, and I only really noticed the fans ramping up during the cut scenes/mission breifings, but in game, I have the volume up enough that I don't hear it (but its def. not ramping up to max speed on the fan).

    If you are just running a single 480, i'm pretty sure a LGA1156 will be able to handle what you are doing just as well. But with that socket, just don't look at the market 6 months from now when LGA1155 is out, and from what I've read its a decent step up (on paper at least).

    Also, if you can fit it into your budget, I'd suggest going SSD, as that was probably the biggest difference for everyday use (i.e. surfing the net/regular windows work).
  13. how many monitors? n what res are u playing at for SC2 cut scenes to be pushing a pair of 480's hard?
  14. Just for gaming, neither the i7-930 nor the i7-860 are worth it. Hyperthreading isn't used in gaming. Unless you plan on CrossFiring 2x 5970s, the i5-750 will perform just as well, if not better than a 930 for gaming. Even if you did do that, the difference is expected to be around 4-5%.

    If you could fill out the form in How to Ask for New Build Advice, it would be helpful.

    BUDGET RANGE: Around £1000

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Movies/Music, Internet, Multitasking, Working

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers.

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Overclockers UK, Ebuyer, Scan uk, Aria


    PARTS PREFERENCES: Going most likely with an LG 27" 1920x1080 Monitor (with HDMI to run with PS3)

    OVERCLOCKING: Unlikely

    SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe, prefer a single card for compatibility with older games and heat and power issues. (do not want to water cool)


    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Ideally, easy to upgrade in a year or 2.
  16. Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
    AMD Phenom II X4 965
    G-Skill 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz/PC3-12800 Ripjaw Memory Kit CL7(7-8-7-24) 1.65V
    Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB
    Sony AD-5240S 24x DVD±RW
    Sapphire HD 5870 1GB GDDR5
    Noctua NH-U12P SE2
    XFX 750W Black Edition Modular PSU
    Coolermaster HAF 922

  17. but the i7's seem to get batter benchmarks all round...
  18. +1 except for the 965 get a 955. and the hsf is so overpriced this can do the job.

    also read this,2360.html
    the difference is from 1-10 fps is that worth the $300 or $400???
  19. if am not overclocking, wouldn't stock cooler be enough?
  20. yes
  21. what systems do u all have?
  22. Well, I tried to fill his budget. If he drops the crossfire (the 5870 is powerful enough) and gets a cheaper case the total will go down quite a bit.
  23. I like the scout case. And am not desperate for cross fire, can always add a second card later. the budget of £1000 isn't set in stone, can go over buy a hundred or 2. Rather pay more for a better system with longer legs then skimp now and pay more later.
  24. Check if the 5870 fits into a CM scout case.
  25. The system mosox listed is very similar to mine. Check my user config for more info.

    If you want to get the i7-930, you certainly can, it's just difficult to recommend it for a gaming build at your budget, as you have to get a lesser graphics card in order to get the i7. If you're using the computer for something like 3D rendering or professional-level photoshop, then the i7-930 would be a better use of your money.
  26. i7-930+radeon 5870 all the way.
  27. OK, if the coolermaster Scout is too small, then what? HAF?
  28. haf can fit a 5970 then haf 922 ftw
  29. one final thoguht, before i go ahead. What do you guys think, as an interim, to just upgrading graphics and PSU in my current system?

    has 3GB DDR 2 memory, and a q6600?
    Add a 5870 and a Corsair 950W that can transfer over to a new build later?
  30. Yes, that cpu is still very good, you can get a new mobo/ram/cpu later. 950w is overkill even for a future system with two HD 5870 cards. Is your case big enough for a HD5870?
  31. it is, its a small case, but long. the ram slots are above the PCI slot.

    Its an old(ish) acer system i bought as a stop gap, but its proven very quiet and reliable. with a big mesh side with a duct over the CPU fan. only has a 250W PSU, I know 950W is over kill, but i want stores/reserves and like to be able to maybe keep it in the future.
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