5970 2D clocks change after OC

Ok so after 2 months and 4 RMA's of my Asus 5870, twice returning it and were they sayed the testing was ok, and a 3rd where the refurb card had a dud fan, they didn't have any more replacement 5870's so DARN, I got stuck with a nice shiney new 5970 courtesy of ASUS Tech support. Not to shabby for all my trouble.

Anyways. I am monkeying around this the Overclock on this and unlike the 5870, for some reason when I overclock this card at all the 2d clock increases. The previous 5870 ran 157gpu/300mem in 2d apps even after an overclock. This card runs the same clocks without touching anything, but as soon as I touch any of the clocks it reverts to a 400gpu and the mem clock sets to whatever the OC is. I am using the MSI Afterburner utility, the latest version, along with the 10.5 ATI drivers. If I try and use the CCC Overdrive to OC I get a 500gpu and the mem clocks to whatever the clock is set to. I also tried the ASUS utility and it does the same thing.

Is there something that I am missing? I see many individuals have this complaint, but have not found any answers. Is this driver related or profile in the video card BIOS?

Any help or first hand experience would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Driver related, happens to basically everybody...including myself.

    Apparantely, and this is from what i've read, your only options are to manually OC everytime you play a game....creating profiles for overclock and stock would make this pretty simply.
    Or to simply put up with it, pay the extra on your power bill and turn your fanspeed up a little to get cool idle temps.
    Or, like me, you could just suffer through not having 5 extra fps during your maxed out game.

  2. Why did I know someone would say it's driver related. Yeah I don't think I need the extra 5FPS on my already 100FPS Bad Company 2 game. haha. But I have to try man.
  3. Because ati's driver team seem to be pre-schoolers still learning how to spell 'stability'. But they're learning lol i'm getting happier with every driver release...and with constant 5-10% performance on most new games every month, you got something to look forward to at least.
  4. I'm curious if I roll back to the 10.4 drivers if I would have this issue. These are the drivers I used the last time I got a 5870 back.
  5. Well,i wouldn't bother.

    Think about it...going back to 10.4 so you can overclock to get a few frames...compared to using the 10.6 drivers (released today) with all it's upgrades to performance on various games?

    Up to you man.
  6. I actually went back to 10.5 because 10.6 screwed something up. Bad Company 2 was getting like 10-40 FPS were re it was getting 80-120FPS before. Weird.
  7. ?? Am i the only one that doesn't have trouble with each driver update? Everyone is complaining about performance loss with the updates...where i'm only seeing gains.
    But I can safely say, that with my 5970, my framerate is similar, if not better than it was with 10.5 and Bad Company 2.
    My only suggestion, is a bad install maybe...
  8. i've heard a similar thing about, 10.5 and 10.6 on 2d clocks, but i've only seen that on other forums , so it may not be everyone
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