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Hi, guys, time has come to upgrade my RAM. My mobo is Asus P5K/EPU. My RAM Corsair XMS2 DHX — 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 Memory Kit (TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX) that's two modules put on the yellow slots. The question is what can I put on the black slots; should it be exactly the same kit or I can put Corsair XMS2 DHX — 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 Memory Kit (TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX) (has the same specs as the first kit, but is 2x2GB rather than 2x1GB.
PS. Is it stupid that I bought such a high end modules and I don't overcklock?
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  1. The second kit should work just fine.

    OCing the RAM would gain you very little performance boost.
  2. My mobo has four RAM slots - two yellow and two black. What happens if I have two equivalent modules in the yellow slots (a dual channel kit) and one module in a black slot? Does my memory run in a dual channel mode?
  3. Each yellow slot, and each black slot, is running on it's own channel. Adding a stick to a black slot simply adds quantity to that channel.
    Yes, it will still be running in dual-channel.
  4. So here is the situation:
    1. At first I put all modules - 2x1+2x2. Memtest showed errors. Tried frequencies 800MHz and 667MHz and enabled/disabled legacy USB support. Errors again. Tried changing slots in any combinations. Errors again. And sometimes PC starts but has no picture nor beep.
    2. Then I put only the new 2x2 modules. Again errors and and again sometimes PC starts but has no picture nor beep. LOOL? In the Corsair site they are listed as compatible for my mainboard. Why is that?
    3. When I put only one of the new modules there are no errors.
    Now I am wit the old 2x1 kit.
    Why it's so hard to upgrade the RAM, God damn it!
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  5. It turned out that one of the modules has been defective. I returned it and got two new modules.
    Now I have 2x2GB+2x1GB=6GB. Dual channelo symmetric mode. That's colossal 6144MB operating memory!
    Soon I'll putting a SSD and my PC becomes a supercomputer! :)
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