I'm looking for freeware to test the stability of hardware components?

I would like to find freeware that can test the stability and performance of hardware components. I'm looking to test any and all components of my system.

USB 2.0
USB 3.0
Sata 3gb
Sata 6gb

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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  1. You'll need to have Sata6 and USB3 devices attached to get any useful testing done on those elements.

    PassMark PerformanceTest 30 day free trial

    Futuremark Vantage free trial

    Belarc Advisor - Personal PC Audit Free

    CINEBENCH 11.5 free

    Furmark - Graphics Card Stability Test free

    HDTune free trial
  2. Add PCMark Vantage, MemTest86+, Prime95 & OCCT to WR2's list and you are pretty much set to evaluate your PC.
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