What to expect from the hd 6xxx series?

with the upcoming hd 6xxx series, what is it that we should be expecting. with the hd 5970 costing 700+ dollars, will the hd 6xxx series always price over this card? while the performance is more then likely to be guarenteed to be better, will it be substantially better? or just marginally.
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  1. Just because the card comes from a 6xxx series doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to outperform the 5970. If you look at the Graphic Card Hierarchy Charts that are posted monthly, you will notice that you will sometimes get cards say from a 4xxx series that will still outperform certain 5xxx cards. It all depends on the card and it would mostly just be guesswork as to the performance of the new cards without seeing actual hard data.

    What you can say without guessing is that eventually one of the 6xxx cards will outperform the 5970, it's just a matter of which one.
  2. Look at how the 5xxx series compared to the 4xxx series, the cards were about the same price at launch, and the performance isnt that much greater either, a 5770=4870, 5870=4870x2. I expect that the 6xxx series will do similarly, but im not sure why you are asking about them already, they wont be out for quite a while.
  3. Probably up the tessellation on the card, that would suck if they came out with cards that quick...

    i bought 2 gtx 480's at a good price thank god after hearing about a gtx 485 in the works; im sure alot of people are pissed about hearing this news after they payed full price for the gtx 480
  4. GTX480 SLI is going to be the best for Nvidia for quite some time. If they ever come out with an X2 card it won't be faster. There could be some cherry picked 485 cards, but they will be expensive as heck. Unless of course the 485 is the full 512 shader card on 32 or 28 or 22nm.
  5. the new manufacturing process will enable them to save on energy thus allowing them to bring up performance, so it should either outperforn the 5xxx series by a lot, especially with dx11 performance, tesellation, maybe 3d performance, which may be saved for the next series, or similar performance, with lower power consumption, which is unlikely.
  6. And what happens if a 40nm repeat happens?
  7. then just more performance, especially with tesselation
  8. I don't think you understood what I was asking. There was a problem at 40nm and the fix seems to be to add an extra metal layer in the chip, and use an extra bump in the voltage. This makes the chips perform lower then the previous series. If there is a similar problem with the next node, you won't be able to do what you wrote as well as you should.
  9. Judging by the scale of performance improvement on the DX 10/10.1 platform (HD 3XXX -> HD 4XXX), the transition from 5 series to the 6 series looks promising.. I think it'll be with 40nm manufacturing process again but may come with an optimized architecture.. Moving to GDDR6 seems a probability (no data to support this though)..
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