My HDD keeps disappearing... why

Ive been having this problem off and on.. i run my OS on an SSD and it runs just fine.. my 2nd hard drive is a WD caviar black and every now and then it completely disappears.. it runs fine.. then its gone. The only way i can fix it is to remove the case and plug the sata cables in again.. Im pretty darn confident its not the sata port at this point nor the cable or the HDD..

It just happened right now, but it was directly after windows asked me for allowances to Intel's rapid storage technology.. I think this is the cause.. can anybody help me?
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  1. is it possible some power saving feature is disabling the HDD?
  2. Check the Event Viewer. If you see any errors there read their descriptions, it might help.
  3. sounds like a sleep bug in the drive firmware. try making the drive not sleep or check to see if there a firmware update.
  4. still happening, Im thinkin bad sata cable.
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