Asus P8P67 Pro - cant recognize multiple drives?


So I am having this problem with a new build.


I'm using a Asus P8P67 Pro and am having trouble with the HD instillation.

I'm using a Spinpoint F3 1TB and an Intel 120GB SSD. Im also using a 800d case so im installing these via hot swappable drives.

The problem is that in the Bios I can only ever see one drive, keep moving the cables about into different configurations but cant seem to get them both recognized.

Each drive can be seen individually but just not in tandom. Its like one is cancelling the other out.

Its almost always the Spinpoint that shows up.

Any ideas?
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  1. Q - What SATA ports have 'what' on them? I recommend that you use the SSD boot drive in the first SATA port, the HDD in the second and the DVD in the last. The 'first' is the one closest to the MOBO {PCB}.

    Q - Are you using the latest BIOS? If you're not then before doing anything more update the BIOS. If it is the latest then do the Jumper Clear CMOS procedure listed in the manual.
  2. If the SSD is SATA3, plug it into one of the gray ports.

    If the SSD is SATA2, plug it into one of the light blue ports

    Plug the Samsung into one of the light blue ports.

    Plug any optical drives into the remaining light blue ports.

    Note that when you install Windows, you should only have the SSD connected initially. Once the install is complete, then plug the Samsung in. Otherwise Windows can get confused during the install.
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