New mid-level? build.

So, I've got a new build here for when I head down to the states in a few weeks. Thinking it seems fairly decent, but advice or whatever is appreciated. Picture shows most of the build.

I already have an HD 4850 X2 2GB, a Seasonic M12D 750W PSU and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Heatsink.

All of that is with Free shipping too.

Overclocking is a definite, I'm hoping I get really lucky and can unlock both cores on that Processor, but who knows.

Thanks. Oh, I'm thinking of buying this now, but I don't actually go down for another three weeks or so.
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  1. That looks good. I'd get the HAF 922 instead though, as it's not that much smaller but is quite a bit cheaper. Personally, I'd also go for a Western Digital, Seagate, or Samsung hard drive. I've heard those drives nicknamed the Hitachi "Deathstar" but I think those problems were sorted a while back haha. Could upgrade to a quad core Phenom 945 or something (four cores, guaranteed!) but I guess that's probably out of your price range.
  2. I'm for the most part trying to keep it as cheap as I can. I will check out the HAF 922, but need to see if it will house the 4850 X2 (The thing is like 285mm or something ridiculous.)
  3. Does anyone know is the 922 would house a 4850 X2? I can't seem to find what the maximum gpu length for the case is.

    A discussion on that very subject, the answer's yes and mentions a few other options.
  5. Sweet, thanks. Somehow, just changing to that case lowered my price down by like $70. I was a bit confused, but I'm fine with that. Anyone got any other suggestions as to the components? The main thing I don't have much knowledge on is the Motherboard, and I'm a bit iffy on Ram too. However, this ram has pretty good timings, and seemed like a good deal.
  6. Bumping to keep this alive. Hope I'm not breaking any rules.
  7. Also, I can also buy parts from NCIX, as I am in the lower mainland right now. However, I would be staying away from buying the case or the motherboard from there, as I will have to take it down with me to Philly.
  8. Sorry for the tripish or something post. But I am planning on buying this computer in the next few days, thanks!
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