Ati 5970 can't get 2nd dvi to work


I'm trying to plug a 2nd monitor into my 5970 and for whatever reason I can't get the 2nd DVI port to work at all. It shows I have 2 monitors plugged in in the desktops and displays part of catalyst control center, but nothing I do works to turn on the 2nd monitor. I've tried to create a group, I've tried to turn it on in windows by "extend desktop to this display"

nothing works.

Any ideas on that? Do I have to plug it into the mini display port for a dual monitor setup to work?

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  1. Are you plugging them both into the same video card? You cannot use the 2nd video card for video output.
  2. bystander said:
    Are you plugging them both into the same video card? You cannot use the 2nd video card for video output.

    yeah 1 video card. It has dual dvi outputs and a mini displayport in the middle of those.
  3. I'm thinking that the 2nd monitor has to be the displayport and not the dvi port. I'll need a displayport adapter for that, but I'm thinking that must be what the deal is here.
  4. You should be able to use an extended desktop on the two DVI ports. The displayport is only needed for eyefinity.
  5. oh.. well that's not working =(

    so confused.. the 2nd monitor just says "no dvi signal".. the extended desktop thing is done in windows and not catalyst then right?
  6. eh yah even when click "extend" on the 2nd monitor in the catalyst control center it lets me do it, but the 2nd monitor doesn't get dvi signal.

    either my dvi port is jacked or the mini display port is supposed to be the 2nd monitor
  7. I have read from someone else before, who had a problem, due to a different type of DVI cable on his monitor. I think it was DVI-D (or that's the correct type, I do not remember the specific). Are your two monitors the same type?
  8. yeah same exact monitor.. guys on amd forums are saying its a hardware fault... which really sux since I put a 3rd party cooler on this card..
  9. Have you tried both monitors in the working DVI port? If they both work in the good slot, it does sound like hardware. Did you try to make it work before you added the cooler?
  10. yep tried both.. also I do remember one of the first times I plugged in the monitor it didn't work in that slot and I just moved the slots and I guess retardedly figured it was just not set up as the primary in the catalyst and paid no more attention to it.
  11. Try setting up in catalyst and see what happens.
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