Thermaltake armor static problems

Hi all, my thermaltake armor is having static problems which is causing my computer to be unable to boot up. I've found out that the static leakage is happening at the external usb/firewire/mic/speaker panel on the top of the case. Is there anyway i can fix this without removing the panel?
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  1. maybe unplug the connecting cables for it from the mobo, but I'd personally want to remove the panel and find out why its shorting.
  2. Yes i have removed the panel out from my system. But have no idea how to check how is it short circuiting my computer
  3. ok,
    trace through every wire from connector to the other end, make sure theres no exposed sections,
    look at every connector at the panel end, is a bit of solder maybe overlapping anywhere?
    look inside the connectors as much as you can, is anything stuck in there or a contact bent?
    if nothing is immediately apparent, a multimeter could help, other than that contact T.T.'s customer desk and see if they'll Rma you a new one (Header,not case)
    sorry I cant be more helpful than that man
  4. alright thanks for the advice
  5. np, hope you find the problem ok
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