Intel Z68 Motherboard Note:

Intel Z68 Motherboard Note:
I have been provided some information that I found important for users to understand with regards to the new Intel Z68 boards. On motherboards that don't have on-board graphics, there will be no support for QuickSync and there will not be Lucid Virtu on them. These are some of the features that users have been waiting for the the Z68 boards. The features of the Z68 was the ability to overclock both core and graphics on the board but on boards without on-board graphics, they will act just like the P67 board, in those regards.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Without the Virtu all you get is the caching. Hardly worth the extra $$. Might be a better investment to get the Rocket 1220 if you're running a P67 and want to cache.
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