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I'll be building a new PC soon and I need help choosing a GPU. My CPU is the Athlon II X4 2.9GHz (will OC). I'm running XP 32-bit, won't ever use DX11, and use VGA at 1280x1024 max.

My budget is ~$500, and here's my considerations: (remember, DX11 doesn't count, I'm also not overly concerned on noise, power consumption, or heat)

an MSI GTS 250 (512MB) that brings me to $530
an XFX HD 4850 (1GB) that brings me to $525
an XFX HD 5670 (512MB) that brings me to $500

I was originally going to go with the 5670, but decided I could spare some more money, if the increase is worth it. I kinda like MSI's Dual-fan design and therefore overclockability (?) , but the 4850 has 2x as much VRAM. Help? BTW, these cards are the only choices because of combo deals, and at the moment, with MSI's $30 MIR, I'll be going with the GTS 250. However, obviously these don't last forever and I won't be ordering for a few weeks, so if or when it goes away, I want to know what to get.

I will NOT be getting a new monitor.
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  1. I say buy a screen before you buy the GPU. A 14" CRT is just too small and bulky.
  2. OvrClkr said:
    I say buy a screen before you buy the GPU. A 14" CRT is just too small and bulky.

    No. This is my secondary PC, and I will be keeping my old monitor. On my new i7/GTX 275 PC I got a nice 21.5" LG Monitor at 1920x1080.
  3. Go with the 5670. It's cheaper, a more efficient architecture, and btw your last two links are flipped.
  4. For raw power go with the GTS250. At that resolution you only need a 512Mb card and the $30 price difference over the HD5670 is worth it performance wise.
  5. I would say get that XFX HD4850, make sure you have enough power on your PSU...
  6. My PSU will be the OCZ StealthXStream 600W, so yeah, it's more than plenty for any of those cards.

    So what's the consensus? The GTS 250 is the most powerful and get it with the rebate, and if the rebate goes away, just stick with the 5670 and then the 4850 if the price goes down?
  7. look for a used 4870 vapour x
  8. The GTS 250 and HD 4850 have pretty much the same performance.Both are great for 1280x1024 resolution.But get that 4850 since it has more memory and is also cheaper.
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