Looking to upgrade psu and need a little advice Dell XPS Studio 8100.

Hi I have a newer 5/1/2010 Dell Studio XPS 8100 1986nbc and I am looking to upgrade psu and vga card , but I have a few questions. I currently have a i7 860/8g 1333mhz ram/Radeon 5770/1tb WD cav. and a piece of crap 350w psu and I can't believe I didn't investigate the internals before purchase , but other than a single pci-e x16 slot the systems is decent. Anyway the psu has a rear mounted fan and the new psu should have the same correct? Also what are the things I need to do to be sure new psu is compatible or any recommended psu from people who have done what I trying to do. I plan to upgrade to a nvidia 460 or ATI 5850 and I wish I didn't have to upgrade psu but 350w is scary even with my current card VisionTek 5770 (not underclocked) that came with the pc. Any recommended psu that would be a easy upgrade would be great and thanks for any info/help!
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  1. Little oversize but good deal on a quality unit http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139005
    The location of the PSU fan does not matter.
  2. Yeah that is a good deal! I also wanted to be sure about fan location because the psu is located where the top is up against the top of the tower the back is the only side that isn't boxed in by the tower. So even though there is no space between the top of the psu and tower this won't cause temp. issue? Thanks for your reply if it will work I will purchase the psu Corsair is quality product as far as I know and less than 100 dollars.
  3. You face the fan down it will suck air out of your Case and send it out through the back of the PSU.
  4. Thanks for helping the newbie and I will post when completed!
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