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XFire Power Supply

Hi all,

I am about to receive a new config with an AMD phenom X4 955, a Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X, 2x2GB Corsair DDR3, 1 HDD and 1 DVD burner, all that with an Advance Triolux 8909 480W, and my question is..........

Will I be able to improve my system by Crossfiring with a second 5770 in the fuure without getting a more powerful Power supply? Or will I need a 650W?


E saluti a tutti.
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    A random brand 480W PSU will not be able to support 2 5770s and a 955, get a 650 and you will be fine. The Corsair 650TX is only $50 after MIR and promocode.
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  3. Thanks a lot.

    I'll go for it!
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