ATI Radeon 3850 PCI - Screen goes black in games

Hi, I've been looking around everywhere all evening and i can't seem to fix my problem. My current graphic card is an ATI HD 3850 Sapphire and in certain games i can play for a couple of minutes then the whole screen goes black and seems to go on stand-by. I cannot access my computer anymore and i am forced to shut off my computer with the power button. This only happens in certain games. Red Faction : Guerilla and Borderlands both get the issue. I can play MW2 with no problem however. I would love any input as i just bought borderlands and i can't play for more than five minutes.. Thank you
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  1. Well, i guess the generic questions here are,
    Do you have the latest drivers?
    Is there any overclock on your system?
    And did it just start happening, or has it been happening since you had the card?
  2. I have installed the latest drivers, and im not too informed with computers... What is overclocking and could it be the issue? And it has always happened, but only for certain games... I dont get it!
  3. Well, i imagine if you don't know what overclocking is, you wouldn't have done it :-P

    After doing some quick google-ing, i found this to be a relatively common problem for that particular card.

    Here --->

    In summary, the guy in this thread ended up RMA'ing (replacing) his card and found that to be stable.

    Unfortunately, all the posts i've read, the one below in particular, show the user trying higher wattage PSU's, Re-installing windows, drivers etc. Trying the cad in other computers...and to no avail.

    Find that here ---->

    So realistically, the only thing i can recommend is getting a new card altogether.
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