Comparison of 3.5" 1TB 7200rpm disks


I am looking for a comparison of of 3.5" 1TB 7200rpm disks, ideally compatible with Synology's DS212j NAS (list:

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  1. What's the question? Any on the list will work in this NAS. Performance? Reliability? Power usage?
  2. I was only looking for a standard comparison :-)

    I'm interested in reliability, durability, spped. I know some disks are better than others, hence my question.
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    Here. Choose your benchmark with the pull down tab.,2901.html

    As for reliability this is one of the only comparisons I have seen as manufacturers don't release that info.

    With 1TB drives the Samsung ( now bought by Seagate ) Spinpoint F3 is hard to beat both in the charts as well as with personal experience. It's also generally cheaper than the competition.
  4. Samsung isn't so good nowadays. They sold out to Seagate. Western Digital Caviar Reds are great for 24/7 reliability and they're literally designed for NAS usage. I'd recommend them for this. IDK if they're the best, but they're something that I'm familiar with and are great.
  5. Thank you for your reply :-)
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