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I need to replace the CPU fan. I have seen in two or three sites that I either need a 478 socket or a 370. The Picture of the 478 socket looks to big. Any Ideas? My CPU is Intel Celeron Northwood BrandID 10 Package Socket 478 mPGA Cpu 2.0 GHZ My motherboard is Via P4M266A and my Bios is Award version F4. Please help I am a networker not a hardware worker. :)
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  1. You said yourself you have a socket 478 cpu.

    You can replace just the fan. Theres usually a few screws holding it down. once you unscrew it you can measure it and order a replacement. They come in various sizes usually referenced in millimeters (mm) and how many wires it has (2,3,or 4). Try to get any dust buildup out of the metal part of the heatsinck/cooler while the fan is off. I prefer q-tips or a vacuum over canned air, but canned air willget the more stubborn stuff. If you smoke I recommend replacing the cooler as the tar gets everywhere...
  2. popatim said:
    You said yourself you have a socket 478 cpu.

    +1 Just replace the fan. Most of the dell's I've seen with that cpu use a shroud with a 92mm fan.
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