Disconnencting online games, but fine otherwise?

Hey guys, I just recently built my own PC and its running perfectly fine. I play COD4, Crysis, Warcraft frozen throne flawless single player. But online in COD4, every few minutes connecntion interrupted... same with warcraft frrozen throne, disc in battle.net games and custom games randomly. Some games will play all the way through but its rare. I spent over 1200 dollars on this and im really getting frustrated now.
----- Its a cable modem, not wireless aswell. I run on a HD 5770 sapphire along with asus P7P55D, 4gb Ram. So its defeintly not my hardware as it blows away the games in single player.
----- When im on internet explorer its fine, never disconnets..only in games. I also use the Norton internet secruity 2010 which has smart firewall, so could it be the firewall? I tried allowing the ports for the games too...but still same problem.
--I used windows 7 64-bit system builders package.
--Please help, took me 4 months setting money aside for this thing..Im going to throw it out the window!!
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  1. It could be that the router you are using can't handle the traffic through it. If you can, borrow a friends router and see if you are getting the same problems.
  2. Hmmm its strange though because on my laptop I could play Warcraft TFT with no lag and that thing is ancient..im not sure its the modem but maybe ill buy a new one all together... I bought battlefield bad company 2 today and its doing the same friggin thing. sigh.
  3. thanks for rep.
  4. What happens if you bypass the router and connect the PC directly to the modem, does it improve? If so, then the problem is w/ the router.
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